Valuation for Litigation & Dispute Resolution

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Valuation for Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Valuation for Litigation & Dispute Resolution particularly  require in depth domain knowledge and expertise since it has to stand the scrutiny of the opposing parties and judiciary. The valuation in such matters often depend on economic, financial, legal and quantitative analysis. Hence, the quality of the valuation report and the expertise of the Valuer becomes extremely important to provide the correct valuation advice to the client for the legal proceedings.

Our professionals help resolve disputes regarding accounting judgments and valuations from the point of view of the buyer, the seller or an independent valuer representing both the parties through a joint mandate.

We offer reliable valuation assessments in a fair and independent manner.

  • Family settlements
  • Joint Venture & Shareholder Disputes
  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Breach/ Wrongful Termination of Contracts
  • Abuse/ Misuse of dominant positions
  • Assessing the value of disputed businesses

We are domain experts having extensive knowledge and expertise in valuation of legal dispute. INMACS has rendered valuation services to several clients and is a preferred partner for the legal firms and corporates.